Sunday, August 26, 2007

Out of the fog

Like any activity that requires effort in its maintenance, with blogging it's just really easy to fall into a period of inactivity and neglect. What starts as a day off quickly turns into several, and then several more, until that nagging feeling that you are overdue to write something finally just fades into the background. That's when things get dangerous and blogs go for months without posts. Thanks to Grace, we have a label for the blogger who behaves in this way: neglectablogaroon. It's a funny name for a curious problem. After all, as amateur bloggers we supposedly create our blogs voluntarily because we enjoy writing, not because we're looking for more responsibility and stress in our lives. Yet, the blog takes on a life of its own, and when we don't write we feel guilty, like bad parents or binging bulemics (Grace is wrong about no remorse). To be completely honest, I'm surprised that I was able to keep my blog going for as long as I did without any major interruptions; the last time I started a new workout routine, by comparison, I lasted only one session.

These relapses serve a purpose, though. They help to purge us of our primal needs (passing out on the couch, in this case) and of our excuses that we've been working really hard. (Rationalizing that you need a break is more difficult when you haven't lifted a finger in weeks.) They allow for rest, for rejuvenation, and for the marination of thoughts and ideas so that when they eventually come out, the flavors are more zesty and vibrant. They let the hunger return, the ambition grow. With just a little perseverance, the energy used to return from relapse can build into a raging force.

People (internets), I'm back. I'm sorry I left you hanging for the last couple of months, but stay with me and you will see action over the coming days and weeks.