Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This blog has and always will be foremost about the writing, but even I had to admit, it was time for a makeover. Although “dots dark” served me well as a template throughout my blogging infancy, wearing it was starting to feel like going to the prom in a display dress from Neiman Marcus: not only do you see plenty of others wearing your dress, but everybody knows where you got yours. The intrigue in that I'm afraid was limited. Every time I would come across one of my evil doppelgangers of the internet, that same feeling of anxiety would strike me as upon encountering a namesake in real life. Was this other blogger representing the template well? Were readers associating their feelings about the other “dots dark” blogs out there with mine?

These were troubling questions, and most troubling of all was that I didn’t feel as if I had my own unique identity. So, I went to the knife – purely cosmetic surgery, mind you, but transforming and utterly satisfying nevertheless. After two days of tinkering and experimentation, Foggy Bottom Lantern has been reborn. What do you think? Don’t grow too attached to the new format, though, because the tinkering is likely to continue for the next few days and weeks – we all know how addictive plastic surgery can be.