Monday, October 01, 2007

Medication reconciliation

Aspirin. . . zocor. . . clonidine? I don’t like that drug. It’s dangerous, shoots the blood pressure all over the place. A single missed dose and the BP can bounce up to 200 systolic. Besides, this guy doesn’t look like the kind of patient who is going to take every dose. Maybe I should stop it. Eh, this probably isn’t a good time. It’s not like he prescribed the medication for himself; a doctor wrote it for him because the doctor wanted him on it. Somebody who knows him a lot better than I do decided this is a good drug for him. This drug is hardly good for anybody, though. But why should I override his primary care doctor, who is the one who will be following him after this hospitalization anyway?

Ah, Mr Lamb is back, recently in the hospital. Let’s look at the discharge meds. . . aspirin. . . zocor. . . clonidine? Was thinking about pulling that one. Bad drug. The guy was on it when he first came in, never could figure out why, didn’t want to overhaul his meds on his first visit, though. Maybe I should stop it. But he was just in the hospital and they deliberately left him on it. Maybe they thought he needed it. Maybe they tried to wean him off of it and had trouble. They had him in-house, under observation, that would have been the perfect time. Better leave him on it for now. . .